Memory Lane

With more than 25 years in concept development and graphic design, we feel well at home on most platforms, and we’ve been riding the digital wave from the very beginning.

It is exciting to follow and be a part of this growth – not to mention the wild array of new tools available to us – but it is still the individual idea, and the original clear message, that remains the subject of our focus. The good story, if you will. – Here are a few examples of the variety of our experience

e-Detailer for Amgen Denmark (2016)

e-Detailer for Amgen Denmark (2015)

Patient diagnosing tool (Danish client)

Online games for Elsparefonden (2007)

Online shop for Fritz Hansen

Online shop for SHG computerparts (2003)

Website and shop for La Glace (2001)

Information kiosk TDC (2001)

Dutch Interactive Television game channel (Mediakabel 1998)

Xmas fun for Icelandair (2005)

Website for Amgros (2006)

Online Education/Game –  renewable energy (1998)